Contract Defense

As part of the Fredericksburg Historical Markers project, my group members and I were in a particularly unique position of creating our project to our exact liking, given that we did not have an organization to report to, like other projects in the course. This particular condition provided us the opportunity to dream big, with the privilege of changing details when we saw fit, without the fear of not meeting the needs of an organization. Continue reading “Contract Defense”

Academic Shifts for a Digital World

As an undergraduate student, I rely almost exclusively on digital platforms for research.  My accessibility to content, like primary and secondary sources, is dependent on whether or not that information in the UMW library digital catalogue. While the web is increasingly becoming a space for students of history, we are still in the process of convincing the greater public to buy into this shift. Continue reading “Academic Shifts for a Digital World”

Five Lessons On Digital Identity

  1. The internet knows a lot about me, actually, it knows everything. Even in my limited social presence, my personal information like emails, phone number, address, login information, is all traceable, ugh. Tim Herrera’s article, How to See What the Internet Knows About You (And How to Stop It) , eases some tension because it offers ways to protect yourself from particular companies. I will definitely be rereading this post to use some of the suggested sites. Continue reading “Five Lessons On Digital Identity”

why hist 428?

i signed up for the course, honestly, because it fulfills a course requirement for both my digital studies minor and my honors program. while the course is in my minor, and thus is a discipline i am interested in exploring, i probably would have waited to take this course until my senior year. but, since it fulfills an honors requirement, i am taking the course now.

after the few class times we have already had in the semester, i am genuinely intrigued and exited for this course, and how it will push me in the field of digital studies.